About the Program

Youth Leadership Mobile identifies aspects of the community that our young people should be exposed to in order to have a comprehensive view of our community. Students are engaged in leadership activities, teamwork, decision making, and volunteering. YLM establishes an environment of diversity, acceptance, and empowerment unlike any other experience. We also strive to collaborate with schools and organizations to facilitate leadership training through youth training other youth.

Applications for the Class of 2019 are being accepted until May 1. Click here to apply online.

Summer Leadership Intensive includes the following: Opening Retreat, Government, Law and Politics, Arts, Recreation, and Media, Health and Human Services, Project Development

Opening Retreat

This leadership retreat provides an opportunity for the Youth Leadership Mobile participants to learn about each other through activities and problem-solving. The students will receive leadership training and learn how people from different backgrounds can merge their ideas and become a stronger group.

Government, Law, and Politics

This leadership seminar exposes participants to people and institutions which influence law, government, and politics in our community. It allows participants to see government in action, meet community leaders, and give input on their issues in the Mobile community.

Arts, Recreation, and Media

This leadership seminar introduces participants to the vast area of arts activities in Mobile. It emphasizes the importance of the arts, recreation, and media to the community and its development.

Health and Human Services

This leadership seminar includes exposure to community needs regarding social services, agencies that serve those needs, and processes to work towards solutions.

Project Development

Each participant completes a project proposal form and discusses it with other participants. The form includes information regarding project goals, timelines, necessary resources, possible collaborations, etc.

Leadership Enhancement Seminars

Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to participate in seminars on topics relative to their growth and development as individuals and young leaders.

YLM Facilitators

The YLM Graduates have the opportunity to facilitate leadership training to approximately 200 students in Mobile. YLM Facilitators receive training from nationally renowned leadership consultants and as a result of the training develop essential skills in communication, public speaking, and leadership.