Diversity & Inclusion Committee


After a two year process with Community Conversations on Race throughout Mobile this committee is studying the feedback and results from the survey given at the beginning of the project. We are in the gathering stages of what’s next and any thoughts or ideas are welcome. This committee is chaired by Dr. Raoul Richardson of the International Used Oil Research Institute.


Dr. Raoul Richardson, Baheth Laboratories

Contact michele@mobileunited.org for more information about joining this committee.

Diversity & Inclusion Programs


Mobile in Black and White / Trailer from Robert Gray on Vimeo.

One of the primary aspects of Mobile in Black & White is its structured community conversation process. Many communities have embarked on community conversations by bringing a diverse group of citizens together to participate in a facilitated discussion. Although these conversations have centered around different issues in the community, there are common principles that are central to each community conversation.